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Promise Program with Tagline

Infinite Scholars’s Promise Program works with students in middle school and high school to provide them with mentoring and tutoring so that they can obtain certain achievements that will allow them to be awarded scholarships through our 500+ college and university partners.

Top Priorities

  • Create a strong college culture with middle and high school students.
  • Increase the overall performance rates of students on standardized college entry exams.
  • Increase high school graduation and college enrollment rates.
  • Increase the number of students who complete and submit their FAFSA on time.
  • Decrease the number of student who have to enroll in undergraduate remedial courses.
  • Increase the number of students who pursue careers and higher education opportunities in the areas of STEM, education, trades, and public service (military and law enforcement).

Highlighted Program

Chicago Police Department District 007

The Chicago Police Department District 007 and the Infinite Scholars Program have formed a partnership to implement a Promise Program to provide teens on the southside of Chicago with an academic and mentoring program that provides them with a scholarship towards college for achieving certain benchmarks. The program begins with middle school students and follows them to graduation. Chicago police officers serve as tutors and mentors to teens and their families, keeping them on track to receive scholarships so that they can attend college. This program is part of an alternative policing strategy designed to bring hope to communities and engage police officers and their communities through a substantial and long-term endeavor. Click here for more information.