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College RSVP Form

This form includes the Terms for participation. Please complete the form and click the Send button. You will receive a confirmation email once we have processed your request. Please allow 48 hours for confirmation.  You may also email us at or call 314-499-6997.

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List Fair(s) You Plan to Attend

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Will you be waiving application fees during the fair? (not required)

Will you be awarding scholarships during the fair? (not required)


There is no fee for colleges to participate in ISP fairs.

The purpose of our fairs is to provide participants with program and scholarship information about your school. The fairs are promoted as Scholarship Fairs. Participating students will expect that you will have information for them about scholarship and financial aid possibilities so please ensure that your representatives have this information. A handout or flyer would be appropriate. Schools that do not bring scholarship information may not be invited to future fairs.

While you are encouraged but not required to waive application fees or award scholarships during the fair, special recognition/signage will be provided for colleges that do waive fees and award scholarships. Reps can pick up this signage when they arrive at the fair. Waiver of out of state tuition fees is not considered a scholarship if it is not based on merit (ie. based on state or city of residence).

Thank you for participating in the Infinite Scholars Scholarship Fair Program!!