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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Infinite Scholars Program to provide all deserving students, especially financially-disadvantaged students and students of diversity, the guidance and access to financial resources they need to further their education and pursue degrees at institutions of higher education. All of our services are provided at no cost to our students.

About Us

The Infinite Scholars Program is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by Thomas “T” Ousley, who taught high school English and History for 29 years with the Jennings (MO) School District. While teaching, Mr. Ousley worked on many mentoring and educational initiatives to assist low-income student to attend college. He found that too few of his students who deserved to go to college actually enrolled because they believed they could not afford to go. As a result, Mr. Ousley began the Infinite Scholars Program to ensure that financially-disadvantaged students deserving to go to college could receive the funding they needed. Today, nearly 80% of participants in the Infinite Scholars Program enroll in college.

Our Purpose

The Infinite Scholars Program has two driving purposes: to prove to all deserving students and their families they can afford college and to help them secure the funds they need in order to attend. We achieve this through our scholarship fairs which are designed to help high school students learn about scholarship opportunities and other funding options directly from recruiters. Our Promise Program works with students in elementary, middle, and high school to prepare them to receive the best possible admission and scholarship offers.

Map of Scholarship FairsDuring the past thirteen years, the Infinite Scholars Program has helped more than 100,000 Scholars receive more than 1 Billion Dollars to attend institutions of higher education. Currently, Infinite Scholars hosts over 30 scholarship fairs annually throughout the country. Infinite Scholars organizes the largest number of scholarship fairs in the nation. View the fair schedule.


Infinite Scholars is proud to announce that in 2015 we are launching in St. Louis this new program designed to help middle school and high school students have their best possible college options.

The Infinite Scholars Promise Program is a school-based program that begins engaging with students as early as 4th grade and has five overarching goals: 1. Create a strong college culture. 2. Increase the overall performance rates of students on standardized exams. 3. Increase high school graduation and college enrollment rates. 4. Increase the number of students who pursue careers in the areas of STEM, education, trades, and public service (military and law enforcement), and 5. Decrease the number of students who have to enroll in undergraduate remedial courses. Components of the program include: career exploration and mentoring, H.O.P.E. (Have an Opportunity, Plan for Education), micro-scholarships, college and university visits, financial literacy workshops, accelerated college admissions test prep program, admissions and scholarship prep program, and virtual promise program. Learn more about our Promise Program.

Promise Program Schools and Communities

Ferguson Middle School (Ferguson, MO) Berkeley Middle School (Berkeley, MO) Cross Keys Middle School (Florissant, MO)
McCluer South High School (Ferguson, MO) McCluer High School (Ferguson, MO) McCluer North High School (Florissant, MO)
Evans High School (Orlando, FL) Dunbar High School (Chicago, IL)
City of Moline Acres (MO) City of Harvey (IL) City of Flordell Hills (MO)

Executive and Board of Directors

Thomas Ousley
Founder & CEO
Infinite Scholars
St. Louis, MO
Dr. Laura Dorsey
Chair, English Dept.
University of Phoenix
Orlando, FL
Dr. Melvin Steals
Educator & Professor
Pittsburgh, PA
William Shaffner
Director of Bus. Devel. &
Gov’t Rel – MOHELA
St. Louis, MO
Anna Gee
Educator & Principal
Richmond, VA
Jerry Williams
Chi-Sounds Records
Chicago, IL

College Advisory Board

Alan Byrd
Dean of Enrollment Services
University of Missouri-St.Louis
Dr. Manicia Finch
Associate Vice-Chancellor
Southern University
Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace
University of Kansas
Jay Goff
Vice-President of Enrollment
St. Louis University
Antonio Boyle
Delaware State University